• #1 Luxury Real Estate Coaching and Certification Course for Top Achievers

    Luxury Agent Membership

    As Luxury Agent Members who have received advanced real estate coaching and training, Realtors are recognized as knowledgeable professionals who can provide optimal service and get unparalleled results in the high-end marketplace. Their extensive real estate knowledge sets them apart from other Realtors who have not taken advantage of this exceptional coaching and training. When real estate agents are able to provide reliable, up-to-date information for consumers, it indicates a high level of professionalism and, consequently, gains the trust of their respected clients.

    Upscale clients require Realtors who possess immense knowledge, superior competence, and utmost confidence in their abilities, as well as demonstrated expertise. Luxury Agent Membership increases Realtors' visibility and credibility with buyers and sellers and brands them as luxury experts.


    Luxury Agent Coaching and Training is designed to maximize Realtors' performance at every level. Whether you are new to real estate or have a level of experience, whether a real estate agent, real estate broker/owner, manager, or team leader, Luxury Agent ensures your success in the upscale market. Realtors can expect to experience professional advancement and explosive business growth in record time.


    Through a 16-week intensive course held LIVE every Tuesday from 5:30pm – 6:30 pm EST, Realtors learn everything needed to become a key player in the lucrative luxury real estate sector. This invaluable program enables you to become a Certified Luxury Agent and double your average sales price. Earn more income for doing less work and free up time for the other passions in your life. In other words, the Luxury Agent Coaching and Certification Course lets real estate agents enjoy the same luxurious lifestyle as they set up for their clients on a daily basis.

    After taking this unique 16-week course and passing final exams, program graduates will receive their Luxury Agent Certification. This outstanding achievement and special designation establishes a Realtor as a Certified Luxury Expert.