This highly sought after 1-on-1 Luxury Mentorship rarely has openings, we just added ten more memberships due to the overwhelming demand. If you are serious and committed to your success in the high-end and luxury real estate market, this is for you. This is only for those who are mentally and financially committed.

  • 1-on-1 Luxury Real Estate Mentorship & Coaching

    Are you truly committed to becoming the dominant Luxury Real Estate player in your market? 

    Do you want direct access to ask any luxury real estate related question with a Luxury Agent Coach?

    • Every question that you ask will be personally answered by our Luxury Agent Coach. 
    • Each market has it's own unique challenges, therefore every question that you pose will receive a personalized response based on your specific real estate market.
    • Unlimited questions & chats with your coach.
    • In addition to unlimited chats with your coach, you will receive one, one hour call per month.
    • These sessions work on your specific needs, and the strategies along with a custom plan to move your luxury real estate business forward; includes needs assessment questionnaire.
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Action Item Checklist
    • Graduates will receive the coveted "Certified Luxury Agent" Designation
    • 45 Minutes of LIVE Coaching Every Month Week with LIVE Q&A (one per month)
    • 45 Minutes of Recorded LIVE Coaching Each Week
    • Secret Facebook Group access and networking group for Members allowing them to connect and share insights with one another. 
    • Awards Given for Top 4 Luxury Agent Members Each Series.
    • Worldwide Promotion of Top 4 Award Winners with Press Releases and Photos. 
    • Member Recognition and Promotion.
    • Press Release provided for each Luxury Agent Member upon commencement. (suggested uses: PR.com, online, social media, newspaper & direct mail)
    • Luxe Insights - Luxury Weekly e-Newsletter or Video 
    • Press Release provided for each Luxury Agent Member to announce Certification. (suggested uses: PR.com, online, social media, newspaper & direct mail)
    • Library of LIVE webinar recordings accessible anytime, anywhere.
    • Weekly Action Items and Checklist to follow.
    • Accountability to ensure you achieve success. 
    • Members Only Access to Strategies, Software & Systems.
    • Luxury Profile Page listed on CertifiedLuxuryAgent.com & CertifiedLuxuryAssociate.com for 12 Months
    • Proprietary Formulas to Ensure Luxury Success.
    • Step by Step by Step Process to Cultivate Sales and Build Raving Fans on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Google+ and Pinterest.
    • Stay focused on your goal.
    • Discover how to speak to the needs of a target market.
    • Take your business to the next level.
    • Maximize your marketing power.
    • Use the knowledge and skills gained from Luxury Agent Real Estate Coaching.
    • Achieve consistent top performance.

          12 Month Commitment, However You Can Cancel Anytime With 30 Days Notice

    Develop your overall skills to take a real estate transaction from start to finish (lead generation, sales, closing strategies, business growth, and more) 

    • Improves Real Estate Agents' marketing plan and networking approach 
    • Imparts more sales confidence 
    • Teaches time management, planning, and organizational skills 
    • Focuses on the required mindset for career success 
    • Shows Real Estate Agents how to maintain a consistent and balanced professional life 
    • Offers more effective tools, processes, and systems to ensure success in the luxury real estate market

    Extra Member Benefits

    Besides obtaining the invaluable Luxury Agent Certification at the end of the 16-week course, participants will receive extra benefits and additional perks throughout the program's duration - and beyond - as they enjoy Member Advantages. These special features allow Real Estate Agents to get the maximum benefit from this one-of-a-kind real estate coaching and training and long-term membership.

    More Advantageous Add-ons include:

    • Secret & Exclusive Facebook Group

    Luxury Agent has a special Facebook networking group for Members allowing them to connect and share insights with one another.  

    • LuxeInsights

    All members will receive a weekly "LuxeInsights" email from the Luxury Agent Coach on a specific luxury topic. These regular messages keep members updated about the latest news (developments, research, trends, statistics, marketing ideas, etc.) in today's luxury market. Members should forward “LuxeInsights” to their database and post it to their social media.

    •  Luxury Profile

    Each “Certified Luxury Agent” will have their profile displayed at www.CertifiedLuxuryAgent.com or www.CertifiedLuxuryAssociate.com The profile feature is free for the first year. Real Estate Agents can still continue to have a Luxury Agent Profile in the coming years for just a minimum annual charge of $197.