Real Life Statistics on how we Increased Luxury Sales 200%


  • Shaping Your Luxury Destiny

    Luxury Agent Coaching and Training is designed to maximize Realtors' performance at every level. Whether you are new to real estate or have a level of experience, whether a real estate agent, real estate broker/owner, manager, or team leader, Luxury Agent ensures your success in the upscale market. Realtors can expect to experience professional advancement and explosive business growth in record time.

    Through a 16-week intensive course held LIVE every Tuesday from 5:30pm – 6:30 pm EST, Realtors learn everything needed to become a key player in the lucrative luxury real estate sector. This invaluable program enables you to become a Certified Luxury Agent and double your average sales price. Earn more income for doing less work and free up time for the other passions in your life. In other words, the Luxury Agent Coaching and Certification Course lets real estate agents enjoy the same luxurious lifestyle as they set up for their clients on a daily basis.

    After taking this unique 16-week course and passing final exams, program graduates will receive their Luxury Agent Certification. This outstanding achievement and special designation establishes a Realtor as a Certified Luxury Expert.

    Luxury Agent Coaching and Training is conducted by experienced real estate experts who know the business of luxury - inside and out - and want to share their knowledge with other professionals who have a passion for bringing luxury into everyone's lives.

    Certified Luxury Agents create a luxurious lifestyle for their clients and themselves and their families.

    Luxury Agent Coaching allows Realtors to learn from successful professionals who have achieved phenomenal sales and amazing results and, as well, introduced innovative approaches to the luxury real estate sector.

  • Luxury Agent Coaching

    Our team of real estate experts are equipped to guide Realtors to the pinnacle of success in their professional careers. Our Team Leader alone has coached more than 1,000 business owners and sales professionals, trained and consulted with $100m teams, $40m teams, and billion dollar companies. Our Coaches have trained professionals who rank in the top 10% as well as those who have no real estate experience. That is why we know...Luxury Agent Coaching can work for you. Just bring your passion and determination with you... and our Luxury Agent Team will do the rest.   

    The Luxury Agent Team

    The Luxury Agent Team shows Realtors how to use an innovative, systematic approach to grow sales, increase exposure, develop their own unique luxury brand and market it effectively. Our Team has been the driving force behind record-breaking luxury annual sales and $2 billion during their tenure. The team has doubled luxury sales in years, not decades for both companies and agents alike.  With Luxury Agent Coaching, every Realtor can achieve similar success and top performance in the upscale real estate market.

    Introducing never-before-used strategies, Luxury Agent Coaching will change the model for doing business in the luxury real estate sector. When Realtors develop keen insights and learn how to focus on forward thinking, they will revitalize their luxury sales. Armed with the most effective tools and knowledge about the latest industry strategies, Certified Luxury Agents even surpass their own expectations of success in luxury real estate.

     Kevin M. Leonard - Coach

    Kevin's story is absolute proof that success in the luxury real estate business is possible for anyone who has the passion and is willing to work hard to achieve their goals. Born and raised in a wonderful but less-than-wealthy family, Kevin grew up in your average American neighborhood among fine neighbors who worked in lower to middle-income jobs. As a child and teenager, he had no exposure to luxury real estate or any of the equally fine and successful people who could afford this upscale lifestyle.

    But Kevin had big dreams - and an entrepreneurial spirit which led him to his first business ventures at age 17 involving graphic design and marketing for the automotive Industry. Marketing excited the young entrepreneur but he wanted to try it in another area and take it to a different level. For a person with high aspirations, luxury real estate seemed to be the perfect fit.

    Soon Kevin was the youngest broker and owner of a real estate firm in Palm Beach Island history. After just two years with one of the nation's largest independent brokerage firms, he was promoted to the position of company-wide Director of Luxury Real Estate. At 29 years of age, he had merged the brokerage with a $3.4 billion company.