• Do you want to list a $1,000,000 home this year?  Whether your luxury market is defined as $500,000 or $5,000,000 - we will share with you all of the secrets and strategies that are working in TODAY'S market.

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  • How to Become a Luxury Real Estate Specialist with Kevin and His Team

    Our luxury real estate training and certification program is dedicated to helping real estate professionals working in the luxury real estate market. To display the prestigious CLA Designation (Certified Luxury Agent), real estate agents must complete the 1-on-1 Luxury Real Estate Mentorship & Coaching. Luxury Agent is the answer to your all questions like “how to market luxury real estate “, “how to be a high end real estate agent?” or “how to get into luxury real estate sales?”. It’s no more a secret that tapping into the luxury real estate market is one of the difficult things to do, but our CLA certification and Designation courses will help you in this hardest task of selling luxury real estate. Kevin and team are luxury real estate specialists who are happy to share some insight into how they manage to sell most luxurious real estate. After successful completion of professional luxury agent training course you will have CLA designation and knowledge and confidence of selling luxury real estate. Call us now for more information about our training and certification about luxury real estate marketing. We have video to show you how does global wealth impact luxury real estate market.


  • Luxury Real Estate Coaching

    It's time to change the way you think towards your real estate business. Now is the time to shift your thinking from doing the traditional $100k  listings and sales to doing $500k, $1m, $3m, $5m and $10m+ listings and sales. 


  • The Best Real Estate Coaching

    Real Estate Agents reap huge professional rewards from completing the Luxury Agent real estate coaching and training delivered by luxury experts. With effective coaching, participants will find out everything they need to know about the business of upscale real estate, learn how to maximize their real estate agent performance, and reach their full career potential.


  • Be where your clients are, dine where your clients dine, be seen by your clients. Understand their lifestyle and what luxury is. Live luxuriously.


  • Luxury Agent Coaching Course is the only comprehensive training and certification program and ultimate "How To" guide to becoming a successful luxury real estate agent. We offer the "Certified Luxury Agent" designation along with the "Certified Luxury Associate" designation.


  • Our Company tried to break into the luxury market 10 years ago with no success; it just did not work. After Kevin came along we not only broke into the market but we are now thriving. JoAnn M. | $185m Office

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  • Great presentation. You have such a great marketing perspective & appreciate you taking the time to share it with us. What a clever way to distinguish your properties and yourself. Natalie K. | Top Luxury Producer

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  • Your luxury coaching is the best I have ever seen and I have been in the real estate business as a manager since 1979 with the largest companies. Your training is so excellent it belongs at a large national conference. Nancy T. | Branch Manager Since 1979

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