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  • 5 Luxury Cocktail Conversations Tips

    Imagine you are at an event or fundraiser – and you don’t have your cocktail conversation prepared… there is only 1 opportunity for a first impression. 
    Here are some Luxury Cocktail Conversation Tips: 
    1. Be well informed; especially when it comes to your luxury real estate market. 
    2. Become a great listener -- a good conversation requires more listening than talking. 
    3. When speaking with your affluent prospect try to repeat the person’s name throughout the conversation. 
    4. Before going to an event, be sure to know the highest and lowest luxury sale in your market to mention during your conversation – everyone wants to know what’s selling in the market. 
    5. Learn about your affluent prospect – ask and listen. People are flattered to be asked and love to talk about themselves.
    Looking to transition from a general conversation to a luxury real estate conversation? Here are few questions to transition: 
    • What do you like most about the house you’re living in?
    • What do you have to have in your home for media and technology?