• How Does Global Wealth Impact Luxury Real Estate?

  • How Does Global Wealth Impact Luxury Real Estate? | Selling luxury real estate

    Selling luxury real estate

    As wealth in emerging markets and historically sound markets change; the wave of buyers from the respective market changes along with it.

    The following chart demonstrates and outlines where billionaires live throughout the world.


    8 Luxury Tips To Working With Luxury Clients.

    1. We are all judged first by How we Look.
    2. We are judged by How we Speak.
    3. We are judged by  How we Handle Ourselves.
    4. We are judged by What we Actually Do
    5. Don’t try to look like them, It can appear Competitive.
    6. Don’t try to become their friend, you aren't.  You are there to do a job.  Stay focused
    7. Be comfortable in your own skin; they do not have time to listen about your life, the economy issues, or anything negative.
    8. Make it a gracious experience.

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