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    We are constantly striving to bring you tools that makes it easier to tell the Luxury Portfolio story.

    In keeping with that mission, recently we conducted in-depth interviews with affluent homebuyers to ask what was important in the home buying process, and to understand the key factors they take into account when selecting a luxury agent.

    From those interviews, what found are three fundamental elements:

    1. Relationships

    2. Expertise

    3. Quality

  • Using these three elements as key ingredients, we developed an all-new digital listing presentation to help you convey this message and tell the story of your relationship with Luxury Portfolio and why it matters. Incorporating this presentation is easy!

    Try showing it on your tablet, email the link to a client before you meet or after, use the content as talking points for more casual discussions or add pieces of information to existing materials. Let us help you tell the story.

    Visit luxurylistingpresentation.com

    The presentation can be viewed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone - It is not available for download, but will be maintained continuously online.