• Need a favor...

  • Just like you, I have a coach...
    My coach asked me to get 5 video testimonials this week.
    Just click on the video recorder below and DO X Y Z     Nothing fancy and is really quick, its just 3 questions.... Can you do that for me? 
    The 3 questions are
    1. What was your business like before the Luxury Agent?
    2. What were the results you achieved after becoming a member of Luxury Agent?
    3. What would you say to anyone else that's thinking about working with Luxury Agent?
    Here is an example: 
    Before luxury agent I felt unequipped to sell luxury and high-end homes, I just didn't have the knowledge & guidance needed to break into the market. After becoming a member of luxury agent I picked up a $3.9M listing using the strategies I learned from luxury agent. If you are considering working with luxury agent, I highly recommend it, I will double my income this year and every year after because of luxury agent, I know if I have any pressing questions I can get answers and the community of luxury agent is just amazing.